IPM in Schools

IPM in Schools Resources

IPM Easy as ABC - Integrated Pest Management in Sensitive Environments: A How To Guide
Nebraska Extension manual covering pests and IPM concepts.

IPM in Schools Modules
Includes over 30 learning modules about pests and IPM strategies.

How to Conduct IPM in Schools
A process video of how to “do” IPM in school buildings.

Pest Private Eye
Teaches kids about IPM through an interactive and educational game.

IPM Curricula and Resources For Teachers
Includes IPM resources that teachers can use in the classroom.

For Kids
Links to websites especially designed for kids.

Wild World of Pest Management
Pest management for youth.

With increasing public concern about pesticide use, it has never been more important for us to reevaluate pesticide use in and around our schools. Keeping our children safe should always be our first priority. Pests in schools also cause concern. Some pests cause allergies and have been found to be asthma triggers. Others carry bacteria and transmit diseases. These are certainly good reasons to manage pests in your schools. This is where Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can help you.

What is School IPM? Learn about integrated pest management (IPM) and its use in schools.

Getting started with IPM: Learn about the steps involved in the IPM process and how to get started.

Selecting and using pesticides: Learn how to choose the least toxic and most effective pesticides.