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Pest Private Eye
The following PowerPoint Presentation can be used in conjunction with the Teacher's Guide and the Pest Private Eye video game to teach about Integrated Pest Management.

students with teacher

The PPT can be downloaded and adapted to your needs, or you can use the completed flash movie version. The Pest Private Eye Teacher's Guide is available as a PDF download from this page or in print.

Pest PI: Where Am I?
This activity, available as a mission on "Project Noah," allows students to help Pest Private Eye, the pest detective, find insects outdoors and indoors! They can print, color, and cut out their own Pest PI paper doll, then visit some locations where they might find pest insects. Students photograph Pest PI in those locations, then upload them as "Spottings" to Project Noah, explaining in the description what they saw and how they might help reduce pests in that area!

Instructions (PDF 456 KB)
Pest PI Paper Doll (PDF 23 KB)

Bumble Boosters: A cooperative project of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Entomology, the Lincoln Public Schools Science Focus Program, and the Folsom Children's Zoo. Partner schools involved receive teaching kits for use in conducting authentic research on Nebraska bumble bees.

Insects in the Classroom: Provides modules, lesson plans, and activities for educators wanting to incorporate insects into their curriculums.

The Case of the School Suspect: A Play About Pests: In this insect "Whodunit" play, students help Inspector Leppie discover who ate the crumbs in the kitchen! Before staging the play, you may wish to teach a unit about common pests such as cockroaches, flies, accidental invaders, etc. and the types of conditions that these pests like.

Insectography: Insects in the World of Fiction: This site lists a filmography and bibliography of movies, TV shows or episodes, video games, and books (children's, young adult and adult novels, and series) that feature insects or entomologists either as a main character or as a major part of the plot. Good for discussions or book reports!

Virtual Insect Collection: Photos of Nebraska insects and other arthropods.

Other State Resources

Carolina Biological Supply, Inc.: One source of insects and other scientific supplies for schools.

Discovering IPM: An Inquiry Approach to Learning Integrated Pest Management: From Clemson University, this site offers a 4th grade IPM curriculum.

Integrated Pest Management Curriculum for Connecticut: Includes K-8 IPM lesson plans from the University of Connecticut.

Integrated Pest Management for Iowa Schools: Includes K-12 IPM lesson plans from Iowa State University.

School IPM: Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Maintained by the University of Florida and supported by EPA, this site includes general IPM information, teaching curriculums, and administrator information.

Youth Entomology Resources: From the University of Kentucky, this site gives information and lesson plans about insects for a variety of age groups.