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I'm Penny Poe, Pest Private Eye's trusty assistant and junior pest detective!
I'm Penny Poe, Pest Private Eye's trusty assistant and junior pest detective!

Hello and welcome to the Pest Private Eye (Pest PI) website, we're glad you stopped by!

So you want to learn more about pests and how to control them with integrated pest management? You've come to the right place! Feel free to navigate our site to learn more about this effective approach and how YOU can be a pest private eye too!

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Buy It - Pest Private Eye Game: The Case of IPM in Schools: You can buy this CD version of the game, available for $15.

Pest Private Eye Walkthrough: If you get stuck, go here for assistance!

Pest Private Eye Comic: Comic book version of Pest PI's IPM adventures at Eureka Elementary School

Teach IPM: Resources for teaching IPM in the classroom, including a powerpoint and teacher's guide.

ABC's of IPM: Learn the basics of IPM here

Pest Profiles: Learn all about the kinds of pests you might find in your home or school! You need to identify them before you can control them!

The Case of Eureka Elementary School: A look at one of Pest Private Eye's very own investigations. This short, 15 minute case study examines the schools pest problems through interviews with characters, inspections around the school, and suggested IPM recommendations.

Survey: Take the Pest PI game survey and let us know what you thought of the game and how we can improve it!

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