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The Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, in concert with Extension Specialists, Extension Educators, and Extension Assistants, provides educational and training programs that address health, the environment, economic well-being, and pesticide safety.

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Online Training Help

How to register for online training (PDF)

How to register for online training (Video)

Navigating the online private training (Video)

Navigating online chemigation training (Video)

Private Applicator

Private applicator training sessions (in-person) — Find a training date near you.

Private online training — Register here to take our online Private Pesticide Applicator Training program. Obtain certification or recertification for a private applicator license.

Commercial / Noncommercial

Initial training sessions — Register for an in-person training session with exam opportunities.

Purchase study materials — Commercial/ noncommercial applicators can prepare for exams using our study manuals or online FlipBooks.

Exam sessions — Check here for a list of applicator exam sessions.

Recertification sessions — Register for an in-person recertification session.

Online recertification (commercial / noncommercial) — Register here to take online recertification training.


Chemigation training sessions (in-person) — Register here for a chemigation training session in your area.

Online chemigation training — This online training program can be used for initial (first-time) certification and recertification of chemigators.

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