ABC's of IPM: Learn all about what IPM is and how you can help!

The Case of the School Suspect: A Play About Pests: In this insect "Whodunit" play, help Inspector Leppie discover who ate the crumbs in the kitchen! Print out the play and costume suggestions to stage this play with your friends, or ask your teacher about doing it as a class!

EPA: Pesticide--Information for kids, students, and teachers: The Environmental Protection Agency gives some tips about pesticide use and safety.

Help! It's a Roach!; ¡Socorro! ¡Una cucaracha!: Is your family bugged by roaches? A roach prevention activity website for kids.

Insectography: Insects in the World of Fiction:This site lists movies, TV shows or episodes, video games, and books (including many for kids and young adults) that feature insects or entomologists (scientists that study insects) either as a main character or as a large part of the story.

Join Our Pest Patrol: A backyard activity book for kids on integrated pest management.

Learn about Chemicals Around Your House: Join us for a house tour and learn more about the chemicals around your home.

Pest Private Eye and the Case of IPM in Schools: Play an educational video game about an IPM detective!

Pest Private Eye Comic Book (PDF 1.9 MB): Read all about Pest Private Eye's adventures and complete an IPM crossword and word find!

PestWorld for Kids: Includes learning games and information about specific pests and health issues related to them.

Bug Facts for Kids: