EPA Resources

Informational resources from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA's Pesticide Program
A starting point to access all the information and tools provided by EPA related to pesticides. 

Pesticide Risk Assessment
“The process EPA uses for evaluating the potential for health and ecological effects of a pesticide is called risk assessment. This page provides a brief introduction to the Pesticide Program's risk assessment program and includes links to additional information.” 

Pesticides and Public Health
“This page focuses on public health problems caused by pests and the role that preventive measures and pesticides may play in protecting people from these health problems.” 

Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides
Information on EPA's Worker Protection Standard (WPS) to offer protections to agricultural workers. 

Paraquat Dichloride Information
Read about paraquat dichloride, its history, and EPA's use requirements moving forward.