Hazardous Waste Disposal

Nebraska does not have a statewide waste/excess pesticide disposal program. Two options are to hold onto the products and hope that Nebraska will have a disposal program in the future; or pay for disposal yourself. If you choose to hold on to the products, you should periodically monitor the containers for leaks and store them in a cool, dry place where flooding is unlikely. Ideally, they should be stored under lock and key. If you want to pay for disposal, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality provides a list of several commercial firms that can consult about the transport, storage, or disposal of waste/excess pesticides. See the following list for details.

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality lists these commercial firms that properly dispose of pesticide wastes:

Clean Harbors Environmental Services - Kimball, NE (308-235-4012)
Safety-Kleen Corporation - Grand Island, NE (308-384-1616)
Safety-Kleen Corporation - Omaha, NE (402-333-6321)
Univar - Omaha, NE (402-733-3266)

Clean Harbors Environmental Services - Deer Trail, CO (970-386-2293)
Safety-Kleen Systems - Englewood, CO (303-761-8614)
Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC - Henderson, CO (303-289-4827)

A-Tec Recycling, Inc. - Des Moines, IA (515-263-3707)
Clean Harbors Environmental Services - Des Moines, IA (515-262-2638)
Safety-Kleen Systems - Des Moines, IA (515-262-2949)

Clean Harbors PPM, LLC - Coffeyville, KS (620-251-6380)
Clean Harbors Environmental Services - Wichita, KS (316-269-7400)
Safety-Kleen Systems - Wichita, KS (316-942-5001)

Green America Recycling, LLC - Hannibal, MO (866-229-6262)
Heritage Environmental Services - Kansas City, MO (816-453-4321)
Hazmat, Inc. - Kansas City, MO (816-924-5884)
PSC - Kansas City, MO (816-474-1391)

South Dakota:
Safety-Kleen Corporation - Sioux Falls, SD (605-332-0231)

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality lists these commercial firms that are hazardous waste brokers:

Safety-Kleen Systems - Grand Island, NE (308-384-1616)
Univar USA ChemCare - Omaha, NE (402-733-3266)

Hydro-Klean, Inc. - Des Moines, IA (515-283-0500)

Heritage Environmental Services - Kansas City, MO (816-453-4321)

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality lists these commercial firms that are hazardous waste consultants:

Baker & Associates, Inc. - Scottsbluff, NE (308-632-3123
Cameron-Cole, LLC - Omaha, NE (402-289-3490
Geotechnical Services, Inc. - Grand Island, NE (308-381-1987)
Geotechnical Services, Inc. - Omaha, NE (402-339-6104)
Alfred Benesch & Company - Lincoln, NE (402-479-2200)
Jacobs Engineering Group, Omaha, NE (402-342-9765, ext. 37111)
Jacobson Satchell Consultants, Inc. - Omaha, NE (402-697-0701)
JEO Consulting Group, Inc. - Grand Island, NE (308-381-7428)
JEO Consulting Group, Inc. - Hastings, NE (402-462-5657)
JEO Consulting Group, Inc. - Lincoln, NE (402-435-3080)
JEO Consulting Group, Inc. - Norfolk, NE (402-371-6416)
JEO Consulting Group, Inc. - Omaha, NE (402-934-3680)
JEO Consulting Group, Inc. - Wahoo, NE (402-443-4661)
Layne Christensen Company - Kearney, NE (308-234-1914)
Layne Christensen Company - Valley, NE (402-359-2042)
Marc Enviro Services, L.L.C. - Omaha, NE (402-492-8025)
MILCO Environmental Services, Inc. - Kearney, NE (308-237-5923)
MILCO Environmental Services, Inc. - McCook, NE (308-345-4741)
Olsson Associates - Grand Island, NE (308-345-4741)
Olsson Associates - Hastings, NE (402-463-0240)
Olsson Associates - Holdrege, NE (308-995-8706)
Olsson Associates - Lincoln, NE (402-474-6311)
Olsson Associates - Omaha, NE (402-341-1116)
Olsson Associates - South Sioux City, NE (402-494-3059)
Olsson Associates - Scottsbluff, NE (308-635-2627)
RDG Geoscience and Engineering, Inc. - McCook, NE (308-345-3002)
RDG Geoscience and Engineering, Inc. - Omaha, NE (402-894-2678)
Terracon Environmental, Inc. - Lincoln, NE (402-466-3911)
Terracon Environmental, Inc. - Omaha, NE (402-330-2202)
Tetra Tech - North Platte, NE (308-534-5131)
Tetra Tech - Omaha, NE (402-933-1345)
AECOM - Omaha, NE (402-334-8181)

Black & Veatch - Centennial, CO (913-458-6526)
Brown and Caldwell - Golden, CO (303-239-5400)
Cameron-Cole, LLC - Boulder, CO (303-938-5500)
Tetra Tech - Louisville, CO (303-665-4390)
Layne Christensen Company - Aurora, CO (303-755-1281)
Olsson Associates - Lakewood, CO (720-962-6072)
Terracon Environmental, Inc. - Ft. Collins, CO (970-484-0359)
Tetra Tech EMI - Denver, CO (303-312-8800)

Trileaf - Grimes, IA (515-986-5151)

Geotechnical Services, Inc. - Wichita, KS (316-554-0725)

Black & Veatch - Kansas City, MO (913-458-6526)
Heritage Environmental Services - Kansas City, MO (877-829-4374)
Tetra Tech EMI - Kansas City, MO (816-412-1741)

South Dakota:
Geotek Engineering & Testing Services - Sioux Falls, SD (605-335-5512)
Tetra Tech - Rapid City, SD (605-348-5850)

Terracon Environmental, Inc. - Evansville, WY (307-472-5274)
Terracon Environmental, Inc. - Cheyenne, WY (307-632-9224)
Tetra Tech - Casper, WY (307-234-2126) 

Nebraska Waste and Recycling Information

DEQ Waste Service Providers Directory 
To view the Nebraska Department of Environment Quality Waste Service Providers Directory, click on the link above, click on Publications & Forms in the left menu, click on the Waste Management box, scroll towards the bottom and click on "Waste Services Providers Directory," click on the pdf document in the middle square. Scroll down to Table of Contents to find the section and page you're interested in. 

State Recycling - Hyperlinks Page
Nebraska environment links, programs, and links to recycling programs for cities in Nebraska (Official Nebraska Government Website)

Nebraska Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events/Facilities
This household hazardous waste (HHW) directory is provided as a service to Nebraskans seeking disposal of outdated, unusable, or unwanted pesticides and other types of HHW.  Most, if not all, will not accept commercial or agricultural pesticides.

NDA Waste Pesticide Collection and Disposal Program
If you have pesticide wastes, readers are encouraged to use the links in this article for opportunities to properly dispose of these products, or call NDA at 402-471-2351.

Keep Nebraska Beautiful
See information on how to properly dispose of various household hazardous wastes. Contact your local Keep America Beautiful System affiliate or extension office for dates or drop-off sites in your community.

Nebraska Programs and Resources: In this recycling database with information provided by local governments, industry insiders, organizations and everyday consumers, you can recycle hundreds of products.

County Hazardous Waste Collections:

Douglas/Sarpy Counties Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
Accepts household waste. No business waste is accepted. Tires, appliances and electronics are not accepted.

Lincoln/Lancaster County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events/Facility
For disposal of outdated, unusable, or unwanted pesticides and other types of HHW in the Lincoln/Lancaster County Area.

Lancaster County - Safe Homes for Seniors Program
Provides free and convenient home assessments and removal of hazardous products for persons in Lancaster County who are age 60 and over.  This service is provided by the Aging Partners Home Handyman Program and Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department.  Contact Aging Partners Home Handyman Services with questions or to schedule an in-home assessment at 441-7030.

Grand Island Area Clean Community System
Recycling, household hazardous waste collection, neighborhood cleanups, litter education