How to Get or Recertify Your Private Pesticide Applicator License

Need to obtain a private pesticide applicator license? Your certification options include the following:

  1. Private Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) Sessions
    View the Private Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) schedule of dates for certification/recertification training (sort by clicking on county, date, time, etc. on the black top bar of the schedule).
  2. Self-study process
    Go to a
    University of Nebraska County Extension Office to pay for and receive the Nebraska Private Applicator Self-Study Manual. Answer the questions in the back of the book and return this to the County Extension Office. The Extension educator will check your answers.
  3. Enroll for online private pesticide certification license
    Purchase the CD for the Private Pesticide Initial Certification or the Private Pesticide Recertification through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Market Place. The PSEP online training website provides all information, activities, videos, and supplemental readings. You will complete 10 modules or lessons. Each module consists of progress quizzes and a test, which requires a passing grade of 70% before you can move on to the next module. Once you have finished all modules, you will be certified/recertified and can print a certificate showing that you have completed the Private Pesticide Applicator Online Certification/Recertification Training. After successfully completing the modules, NDA will send information through the mail about licensing.
  4. Testing
    Contact the Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture at (toll-free) 877-800-4080 or 402-471-2351.  

Already have a valid license and wish to Recertify?
The Private Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) schedule of dates for certification/recertification training.

When will I receive my license?
After attending a training session, completing the self-study process, completing the online certification, or taking the exam; NDA, typically within 10 working days, mails a billing invoice to applicators for the $25 license fee.  Upon the receipt of the fee, NDA mails applicators their pesticide license.

My Current Pesticide License Status
Check to see if you are listed in the applicators database at the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) website or contact them at 402-471-2351 or 877-800-4080 (toll-free).

Pesticide Label Exercise (PDF 2.9 MB)
Understand the details of the pesticide label, a supplement for pesticide applicators.

Jeopardy-Style Label Game (version 2010 PowerPoint)
Improve your understanding and knowledge of pesticide labels by using this fun approach to learning.

Pesticide Applicator Resources

Search for Certified Pesticide Applicators in Nebraska
Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture database - search by last name, certified applicator number, or city, county, or zip code

Search for Licensed Dealers in Nebraska
Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture database - search by dealer name, dealer license number, or dealer city or zip code

Search for Registered Pesticides in Nebraska
Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture databases of registered pesticides

Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture Pesticide Program
The Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture Pesticide Program is responsible for regulating the distribution, storage, and use of all pesticides in the state of Nebraska.

Reciprocal Certification with Nebraska
Persons who live outside of Nebraska may obtain a license from NDA if they hold valid credentials from a state, agency, or tribe that NDA has a reciprocal agreement with.

Pesticide Laws Publications
These NebGuides offer information on pesticide safety to include Nebraska pesticide container and secondary containment rules, understanding pesticide labels, laws and regulations, and worker protection standards.

Pesticide Container and Containment Rule
EPA is required to provide information on regulations for procedures and standards for container design and the removal of pesticides from containers and custom blenders to comply with the requirements of this rule.

Private Applicator Recordkeeping Requirements
Private applicators must record their restricted use pesticide (RUP) applications. In Nebraska, RUP records must be maintained for three years from the date of application. The certified pesticide applicator should retain these RUP records. Two examples of how the records can be organized:
portrait and landscape.

Pesticide Recordkeeping App (PeRK) from University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

iPhone, iPad
 go to the Apple App Store to get the record keeping app

go to the Google Play store to get the record keeping app 

Worker Protection Standard Information
EPA's Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides (WPS) is a regulation aimed at reducing the risk of pesticide poisonings and injuries among agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. The Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides: How to Comply Web site provides links to information for employers to comply with the WPS, and the full PDF version of the manual can be downloaded. The Worker Protection Standard Facts Sheets Web site offers a series of fact sheets that provide easy-to-understand explanations of many compliance-related subjects.