Who needs a pesticide license in Nebraska?

In general, anyone can apply general use pesticides to their own property without a pesticide license. These are the pesticides found in home and garden centers, hardware stores, groceries, drug stores, and many other locations. Exceptions to this are listed in the commercial and noncommercial applicator sections. A pesticide license is always required when a restricted use pesticide (RUP) is applied. The pesticide product label will clearly indicate Restricted Use Pesticide.

Pesticide Applicator Definitions
See this pesticide applicator definitions list to determine your classification if you plan to use an RUP or if you meet any of the exceptions. The state of Nebraska recognizes three types of applicators that must be licensed: commercial, noncommercial, and private.

Commercial and Noncommercial License
Read here about information on how to get a commercial or noncommercial applicator license or how to recertify your license.

Private License
Read here about information on how to get a private applicator license or to recertify your license.

Classes and Study Materials
Online enrollment for commercial/noncommercial initial or recertification training sessions or to purchase the study materials online.

Resources for Pesticide Applicators
Search for certified pesticide applicators, licensed dealers, and registered pesticides; the NDA Pesticide Program; reciprocal license requirements; pesticide laws publications; private applicator recordkeeping;the New Recordkeeping App; and the Worker Protection Standard.

National Certification Plan in Indian Country
EPA is now certifying private and commercial applicators of restricted use pesticides in Indian Country. This will give pesticide applicators in Indian country access to pest control tools that are available in other areas in the United States and will verify that the applicators meet competency standards.

Pesticide Applicator Definitions

Commercial Applicator
A licensed applicator who uses any RUP on a contractual or "for hire" basis. Commercial applicator also includes the use of general use pesticides for lawn/ornamental care or structural pest controls. Please note: this includes such products as a "weed and feed" lawn care formulations. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture license fee for a commercial applicator is $90 (good for three years).

Noncommercial Applicator
A licensed applicator who applies any RUP only on lands owned or controlled by his/her employer or for a governmental agency or political subdivision of the state. Also, a licensed applicator who uses either general or restricted use pesticides for public health vector control and is acting on behalf of a political subdivision of the state. No license fee is required for noncommercial applicators.

Private Applicator
A licensed applicator who uses any RUP for the purpose of producing any agricultural commodity on property owned or rented by him/her or his/her employer. No custom pesticide applications can by made by the private applicator. The trading of personal services without compensation between producers of agricultural commodities is allowed. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture license fee for a private applicator is $25 (good for three years).